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St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
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Packet Rock (south side)

Packet rock is out in the middle of the cut between St. Thomas and Buck Island, right out in front of Bolongo Bay. The rocks come within a few feet of the surface and go down to about 50 feet. A short swim around the rocks will have you looking at lots of barracudas on this site. There is also an old ship's cauldron on the south east side. Ships would sail thousands of miles and get within sight of land and run smack into these rocks. As a result, divers can find various pieces of pottery and other artifacts if they take the time to look.

Wye Reef (south side)

Wye Reef is named because the wreck of the sister ship to the RMS Rhone sank on that reef by Buck Island. There's no wreckage left, but the reef is fantastic. There are several terraces that go down to a maximum of 60 ft on this dive, and you will be treated to octopus, large groupings of rocks with huge barrel sponges. With any luck, you'll see critters inside those sponges. Swimming along the sheer wall of the island is a spectacular sight with all the growth protruding from it. Just remember to take a left at the hammerhead.

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