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Sunday, October 08, 2017

We had our first dive trip in a month today!

Two awesome dives today, at the Ledges of Little St James and Stragglers.

With us this morning were Luke, Erin, Rachel, Chris, Jessica, Cyle, David, Chris, Steve, Heather, Laurie (snorkeling) and Tom, with Rick, Riaan, Mareika and me (Sam) as crew.

Viz at Ledges was surprisingly good, and the divers report minimal coral damage and LOTS of big lobster!

Stragglers - not so much. Most of the big vase sponges that live there are GONE - sheared right off at the base and nowhere to be found! Lots of broken coral, too. Shallower reefs like Stragglers took a hard hit L


Friday, October 06, 2017

Well it's been a month since Irma. Lots of things have changed; some short-term, some long-lasting.

Our current state is this:

- Most of the island is still without centralized power - what power there is is through private or business-provided generators.

- Curfew still in place - currently 7p - 5a daily (with an extension to 8p Thursday - Sunday)

- The STT airport is open, but only running a few flights a day.

- Many restaurants and bars (mostly bars 🙂) are open.

- Most resorts are closed to the public - they are mostly housing support staff and homeland security people.

- Our shop is open daily, and we are planning our first dive trip this Sunday!

- Ports are open, and cargo is coming in.

- Gas stations are open, and many grocery stores are open and are fairly well stocked (with minimal lines)

- Home Depot opened yesterday! Line there, however, is hours long 😆

More info to come...

Go Tribe!!


Monday, October 02, 2017

The Aqua Action WebCam is back up!

Click for webcam video archive

I have found (most) of the pieces, and have put it back up – this time on the other side of the restaurant, on the second floor of Building One.  PLEASE go easy on it (i.e., don’t run it all day!), as all of the internet traffic going in and out of the resort is going through my AT&T data plan through three Mi-Fi devices!

The shop is open daily – we are still cleaning up (the two days of rain we just had from a tropical wave did almost as much flooding as Maria!), providing refreshments for the resort staff, and filling tanks for salvage divers.



Friday, September 22, 2017

Well… we are STILL here, and we are STILL ok.  Who would have imagined two CAT5 hurricanes is as many weeks, and their impact on us and so many neighboring islands?

Many are dubbing the “event” (yes it seems like one long hurricane and cleanup) “Irmaria” (the shit just keeps on coming!)

We are committed to keeping this business in operation.  It is the longest continually operating dive shop on St. Thomas and we intend to keep it that way!

While the waves and surge from being on Maria’s north side were actually worse than from Irma (Maria took out Rick’s “invincible” tank box!), it didn’t have a large effect on our boats or the shop itself.  Both boats are floating, intact and running.  All of our gear, tanks, store inventory, computers, etc. are safe and dry in the shop.  Maria also put back all the sand that Irma took – the beach looks beautiful!

We have spotty internet and cell coverage – we are able to make short calls and send TXT messages early in the morning, and I am checking our e-mail addresses regularly and will respond if you contact us.

Please keep checking our Facebook page for updates.

We are VI Strong and we will be back!


Sunday, September 17, 2017

We are here and we are OK.  Diane, family, staff, doggies, shop, house, all our gear, compressor and both boats survived. Pretty much intact.

We will be power, fuel and communication challenged for a few months.  So yes, we will be diving again as soon as we can, but guests will probably not be allowed into resorts until they are deemed safe for occupancy and are no longer running on generators.  While we are hoping this might happen by Thanksgiving, Christmas might be more realistic (just about every telephone pole, traffic light and wire is down!)

Here are a few pics and videos of what our island survived.

Please check our Facebook page for updates.

Also, please e-mail us at if you need to reach us, or call or TXT me (preferred) on my sometimes working cell numbers: 216-299-7527 or 216-618-0483

Thanks everyone for your continued support!


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